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About the owner

Anniessa Burke

Certified | Published | Licensed

Makeup, Hair and Permanent Makeup Artist

Welcome to Blend Brûlée (you know, sweet and sought after, like Creme Brûlée). Founded by Professional Makeup Artist, Anniessa Burke to bring confidence to women through a luxurious experience with professional services and top quality products.

 About Anniessa and Her Mission

Since being certified in Makeup Artistry in 2013, Anniessa has been providing reputable services in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. Her work has been published in magazines, displayed on runways and screens, and walked down the isle for many magical years. She's a state-licensed Microblading artist and enjoys the truly transformative and empowering art of permanent makeup. She now has a team of talented artist that help her serve Central and Southern California with mobile Hair and Makeup services. Anniessa is also currently seeing clients in her salon in Bakersfield. She's covered a lot of ground, traveling nation wide to serve her clients, but the journey has only begun. 


After hearing so many struggles with makeup and skin care, she set out to serve her clients in a bigger way. That sparked the beginning of the Blend Brûlée product line: cosmetics and skin care created for the every day woman with the knowledge and techniques of the pro's in mind. Anniessa's goal with the products and services is to bring out the inner beauty for clients and models alike in order to create a memorable experience, bringing a special vision to life. Blending inner and outer beauty is what it's all about!

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